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Where will we train?

Where will we train?

Chief Instructor John Wyek is a 5th Degree Black Belt, and 7-time Champion in taekwondo.  

He has trained law enforcement officers and members of every branch of the military.  

He also has two daughters who are the reason he started DefensePro.

Group class in Novato studio

Where will we train?

Where will we train?

Where will we train?

We mainly conduct private and small-group lessons at YOUR location, where you feel most comfortable.  We can schedule all days and times, to best fit into your busy life.

Training sessions open the the public are held in downtown Novato.

Training empowers individuals and provides confidence

Our Philosophy

Where will we train?

Our Philosophy

DefensePro Practical Self-Defense training is based on providing participants with knowledge and skills to avoid trouble, along with physical skills to stop and escape from an attacker.  Our focus is on empowering participants!

What is the "Buzz" about DefensePro?

Here are some comments from DefensePro clients. Please also check us out on facebook, google & yelp.


My soon-to-be college daughter and two of her friends took a self-defense class with John. They learned so much and really enjoyed his professionalism and expertise. They came away so much more confident. I'd recommend John's self-defense class to anyone.

     - Jennifer G.

I arranged for a private class for my daughters, ages 14 and 16, and two of their friends. John’s technique and personality were amazing. At the beginning of the class the girls were timid and tentative to do some of the self-defense moves John demonstrated. By the end of the class they were shouting and using all their might to perform the same moves.

John also taught them to trust their gut, their instinct, whenever they felt uneasy in a situation. He used many real-life examples to teach them. Best of all, they all had a great time. They were laughing but learning, too.

After John left, my husband and I were continually asked to “come up to me from behind” or “pretend you’re going to grab me,” after which they enthusiastically demonstrated what they had learned. They must have practiced the moves for an hour after the lesson was over.

I highly and unreservedly recommend John and his organization to anyone who wants to learn self-defense techniques that are practical and effective. While I hope my daughters will never need the things they learned, I feel better just knowing they have tools they can use.

     - T. Clark

The girls loved it. We went out to dinner afterwards and they told us all about it. I’d love for Hannah to have another session before she leaves. As you probably noticed, she’s very shy and timid. It makes me nervous so I’m glad that she definitely learned some things from you. Like I said, they loved it and got a lot out of it.
Thanks so much,

My daughter came away from the class feeling strong and confident.   

     -J. Schmidt

The class was awesome- more than I'd hoped for.  I feel that my daughter is much better prepared to walk safely in the world.  I learned quite a few things as well.  The basic defense moves were simple enough to be remembered by her completely- right after you left she demonstrated everything to our housemate with great enthusiasm.  We will be practicing the walk home and noting the safe places and problem areas you discussed.

Thanks again for the great class-- I have much more peace of mind about this next chapter in my daughter's life.

     -Julie W.

 My 17 year old daughter and her two girlfriends participated in a private two hour self defense class. The girls loved the class and their mothers called me to thank me for inviting their daughters to participate. 

I sat in on the first 30 minutes and wish I could have stayed the full two hours because I learned a lot of tips about self defense that I had never considered. 

I feel much more comfortable about my daughter going away for college and being able to stand up for herself.

  -Ed R.


John did a good job in a small window - helping our college bound daughter and her friends get some basic self defense techniques down. A friend had suggested this course as one of those "things she should do before she leaves the nest"! The girls walked away with awareness and key techniques important in navigating their new environments. As a parent, it bought some peace of mind. Pricing was very reasonable, split 4 ways - it was a no brainer. John was professional, friendly and as a dad - uniquely qualified to get his message across despite the normal level of teenage laughter and chatter.

     -Lisa W.

It really empowered the teachers!  You are a good instructor. 
     -Eileen S. Elementary School Principal

Thank you for the self defense/awareness lesson you taught for my daughters and friends. You were engaging, instructional, and kinda funny. I would recommend your services to anyone sending their children out into this cruel world!

     -David F.

I just sent my oldest daughter off to study abroad in South Africa for five months. Before she left, I asked John if he could give her a self-defense lesson. He graciously agreed. He gave her a lesson full of practical advice, thoughtful strategies, and good humor. I recommend him most highly!

     -David W.

DefensePro owner John Wyek

DefensePro owner John Wyek


FOUR QUICK TIPS to help prepare for an emergency:

 1) Keep a pair of boots in a sealed plastic bag, underneath your bed, tied to the front bedpost.

We spend a large portion of each day in our bed, and although earthquakes are no more likely to strike when you are in bed- since you are typically in bed for a large percentage of each day it is important to be ready.  And since when we are in bed we usually aren't wearing shoes, if a large earthquake does strike- breaking windows and spraying glass all over the place- if you don't have those shoes readily accessible and protected from the flying glass you may not be able to get out of bed to implement the rest of your plan.

2) Keep cash in small bills on hand.

In a large earthquake it is likely that the power will be disrupted.  In that event, you will not be able to buy anything with a credit or debit card, and will not be able to withdraw money from an ATM.  You need the cash to make purchases, and want the small bills since others may not be able to make change for you.

3) Keep your vehicle fueled to at least half a tank.

In a power outage, the fuel pumps at most gas stations will not operate.  You want to be able to get in the car and drive to an unaffected area, and your options are severely limited if you don't have fuel in your tank to get you there.

4) Keep a "grab and go" kit in the house, and one in the car.

You never know when a disaster will strike, but chances are good that you will either be at home or close to your vehicle.  Keeping emergency preparedness supplies in the house and in the car increases the chance that at least one set will be accessible in an emergency. 

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